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Since working together at the studio for the first BeatBox compilation "The Mystery of BeatBox", both veterans Eliot & Bina also unite their skillz live. Therefor the formation is not satisfied by only allocating "instruments", but develops 
own compositions with a high measure of creativity to master as much as possible "tracks" at the same time.

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Together Eliot & Bina combine rhythmic, acappellas, vocal scratches and sampels in an unusually high quality and present a spectacular spectrum of songs as well as 
accompaining their rap-colleagues.
The armada of whipping snares, bouncing beats and scratch infernos also makes no stop for well-known song property and spices the program humorously with elements from Tina Turner to Wu Tang Clan.

The excited Press calls the show "BeatBox Kamikaze" and activists all over the world praise the successful encouragement for the 5th element of HipHop culture.

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